Thesis project
Karlsruhe, Germany

The design of this project is based on the observation that increasing urban growth is incoherent to the necessary utilization of its space. The tangibility and communicability of the built space has already been digitized due to economic interests for the living space. Paradoxically, these are often just economic reasons that produce a calculated vacancy. This is in conflict with the increasing demand for usable space and a lively, liveable and compact urban structure.

Based on the research, empirical studies and experiments in scale 1:1 have been made.

The backyard of the “Villa Schönleber” with added structure of the “Raumbörse”

Section of the “Raumbörse”

Central straircase of the converted  “Villa Schönleber” with translucent shell, framing the Raumbörse.

Exploded isometric view.

Floor plans of the “Raumbörse”

Model of the city of Karlsruhe
Expressing empty spaces
Scale 1:2000

Model of the “Raumbörse”
Scale 1:200

1 The empty space becommes programmed and filles with new use cases

2 The created geometry of space becomes enclosed with an architectural surface

The project has been awarded with the #1 price on BAUNETZ campus:  See more ︎︎︎