Research design paper
Cooperative work with Maximilian von Moltke
Karlsruhe, Berlin / Germany

Paper about an architectural approach to reduce waste emissioin waters, following the open call „houston we have a problem“ by the BDA

The pollution of our planet earth is one of the top emerging topics of today and our future. Especially the plastic waste in our oceans received hereby raising attention during the last years.

We see many honourable approaches how do deal and solve the problem. The common ground of the most systems is to pick up and collect the waste at the coastline or the open water. We consider this being the biggest weakness in all approaches. If the waste already reached the open waters, it is very difficult to recollect it. Furthermore, those approaches mean high effort in infrastructure, organisation and maintenance.

Images of the exhibition by BDA

Considering that 90% of the whole waste emission is made by only 10 rivers, we propose a design operating at a river that is able to prevent the waste of reaching the ocean. In addition, a system like this would be easy to install, operate and maintain. Moreover, a positive social impact could be created, if one could raise public attention by the installation of a recycling station. The re-use of plastics with 3D printers could create an economic benefit for the region around the station.

Plastic is fed from the river via conveyor belts for cleaning and sorting. The walls of the building are made of local bamboo.

An integrated visitor center provides information about the problem and shows possible uses.