My underlying intention is to combine architectural design with construction in a playful, smart way. Shape and material need to support each other for the highest functionality. Always keeping the process of production smoothly and the final construction in mind.

I am deeply convinced that it is important to integrate the toolbox of physical making in our architectural work. We have to make use of traditional techniques and combine them with modern technologies along latest research. This way we will enrich our possibilities to design and will be more successful making our visions come true.

Architecture may be fueled by differend intentions, but
as we work within a physical world of the built environment, everything we do is targeting a physical outcome. This is why we have to push the boundaries of physical making with the same effort as we develop our designs.

Let’s combine the beauty of making with the power to design.

Let’s make architecture! 


International design competition

Proposal for an international design competition. It aims to interpretate the original shape in a playful way, while respecting the history of the place. It maintains the lasting parts of the tower and adds new elements to turn the historic site into a recognisable landmark with new qualities for public life.  

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Precise measurements with laser devices by LEICA

Precise measurements via LEICA laser devices of existing buildings.

In this example, the contractor owns a one-hundred year old building. Only paper plans existed and it was not clear if they are correct or outdated. The building was laser-scanned and a precise 3D model was created in CAD.

This way, new floor plans, sections and elevations could have been generated.

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Timber constructions vary in different types. The main concepts, showing 4 basic wall types and 4 basic ceiling types.

In combination they create a matrix of 16 different options to design your timber construction.

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