Temporary architectural intervention
Karlsruhe, Germany

An interiour design for a temporary “Bianco Bar” in Karlsruhe. The bar has opened its doors over the duration of one month in the “Alter Schlachthof” in Karlsruhe.

The high standards of the omnipresent preservation order  made it challenging to create a spatial concept for the freshly renovated rooms. The architectural intervention had to be installed and removed quickly without leaving any permanent traces. Yet, it had to segregate the spatious hall and create necessary small spaces for different uses within it. Theerefore, the idea was born to use ultralight polycarbonate panels. 

The re-usability of the panels make them sustainable.

The panels illuminated by lights during a night event.

The floor plan.

Heads behind the Bianco Bar: Jan Beric & Soufian Djebbari

Image c Braintheater

The Bianco Bar during night.

Images c Braintheater

Transforming the blanc panels: Art by Pauline Gosselin aka Artpaulinette

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Alongside the simple seperation of space, the idea was that the panels allow to add another layer of usability to the venue. Serving as canvas for artists, they become active part of the temporary intervention.


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